Pinky swears and broken pottery

Do you remember pinky swears? Pinky swears are a ritual between two friends that link their pinky fingers around each other to pledge a secret. This is a 12-year-old girl's way of volunteering a promise to her best friend. It is a pretty binding contract for their secret. She is telling her friend that she expects her to keep this promise, and she intends to keep it as well.

I can't even remember the number of times my friend Tracy and I pinky swore our secrets. The trust we had for each other even took us a step further, and we became "blood sisters." Poking our fingers with a pin and rubbing our blood all around together. (Can you imagine that today!)

Tracy was my BFF for many happy years through elementary and middle school. I trusted her implicitly. Of course, I broke the honor of the pinky swears a couple of times, as did she. Humanity has a way of getting to us, especially 12-year-old girls, that makes us less than perfect. Even so, I still trusted her, simply because I adored her.

Trust is so valuable and so frail.

My daughter made me two pottery pieces in her high school art class. I still have them. Kirstin is a gifted artist in so many ways, and I am delighted to have these two pieces she made.

Making pottery is a long process made over several days to complete a piece. It requires patience as the potter spends hours of wedging, molding, trimming, and decorating to get the work ready to be fired and then glazed. Each step in the process is precise to get the best result.


Trust is so valuable and so frail.


Every step in the pottery process is necessary to create a clay masterpiece, taking up to 22 hours over several days to complete. Each piece is beautiful and unique. In just one moment, though, that original can be shattered into shards of glass, changing the composition forever. Sometimes it can be put back together and strengthened; other times, it ends up weaker and needs to be handled with care for the rest of its life, and still other times, it is broken beyond repair.

Trust is like that. We spend months, years even, cultivating a relationship and building those precious bonds of trust. One mistake and it can be shattered, changed forever.

Sometimes we can work through the broken trust with a bond that makes us stronger; other times, that trust is broken tenuous and will never be the same. And occasionally, it is broken beyond repair.


Trust is like that. We spend months, years even, cultivating a relationship and building those precious bonds of trust. One mistake and it can be shattered, changed forever. There is One whose trust never broken.


God made several covenants with His people, and He never broke His word. Those promises are:

He gave to man (humanity) the opportunity to care for all of God's creatures and land. (Genesis 1:26-30 and 2:16-17)

Humanity would now live in chaos for disobedience. This sin separated humanity from God. His redemption plan whispers He will offer mercy through the seed of the woman. (Genesis 3:15-19)

God offered a rainbow as part of His promise never to wipe out humankind again. (Genesis 9)

In his old age, Abraham was promised he would have descendants as numerous as the stars. They would be chosen, set apart for God, and include many nations one day. (Genesis 12 and 15)

God gave Moses and Aaron the ten commandments and Levitical law. Part of that law was God's promise to bless them if they obeyed God's law and curse them if they didn't. (Exodus 19 and 24)

The land covenant is built on the previous promise as God once again mandates obedience or He will scatter Israel across the nations. (Deuteronomy 30:4-6, 7-10)

David is promised that his kingdom will reign forever, an eternal throne would come from his house. (2 Samuel 7)

And finally, there will be a new covenant that fulfills the law, the Messiah. (Jeremiah 31:31-34 and Luke 22:14-23)

It's so encouraging to see God keep His promises. And as we see in these verses, He is patient, merciful, and slow to anger. We know He is who He says He is.

James 5:12 reminds us that when we live a life of truth, people will know our word is good. We don't need to swear it to prove it. People trust us when we live like Jesus; they see the substance, not frivolity. While we will never be perfect at trust this side of heaven, when we live for Jesus, people know we are different, trustworthy.

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