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microsoft office 2010 32 bit 1 full version[Clinical significance of serum sialylated Lewis(a) in non-small-cell lung cancer]. To evaluate the clinical significance of serum sialylated Lewis(a) in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The serum level of sialylated Lewis(a) was determined by an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) in 118 cases of NSCLC and 67 cases of benign pulmonary diseases. The levels of sialylated Lewis(a) in NSCLC patients were significantly higher than those in benign pulmonary diseases. The positive ratio of sialylated Lewis(a) was 79.6% in NSCLC and 43.3% in benign pulmonary diseases. The positive ratio was significantly higher in poorly differentiated NSCLC (81.4%) than in moderately differentiated (71.8%) and well-differentiated (60.8%) NSCLC. Serum sialylated Lewis(a) may be a useful tumor marker for the diagnosis of NSCLC.BALTIMORE (WJZ)— What are the dangers of taking a prescription drug? It can often be difficult to identify the side effects of a prescription medicine. But, each year, the number of deaths from taking prescription drugs is alarming. Alex DeMetrick reports on the dangers of a prescription drug. The drug is not a quick-release. The side effects can last a lifetime. “There are as many bad people out there as there are good people,” said Dr. Michael Stewart. “The bad people are going to be happy to use them and try to kill you. And the good people are going to try to protect you.” Dr. Stewart works at the drug addiction treatment center, Footprints Recovery in Baltimore. “You see the drug like heroin–this is a very strong narcotic pain reliever,” said Stewart. “And when a person uses heroin, they get high. That’s the purpose of it. But, when you take prescription drugs–it’s a very different story.” The FDA says the number of prescription drug overdoses has more than doubled in the last decade. Of these, more than a third of the victims were prescribed by their doctor. “Prescription drug use is a major factor in deaths from drug overdoses,


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